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Leadership I - Leading in the Grey: Relationships, Decision Making & Innovation

This module is designed to improve leadership skills for CAOs, Directors, Managers, Mayors/Wardens and Councillors. This module covers how leadership is different in the municipal sector, defines council/staff relations, and examines the challenges municipal leaders encounter with innovation.

Leadership II: Communication and Change Leadership

This module is a skill-based training designed to enhance the leadership skills of Nova Scotia's municipal administrators and elected officials by strengthening communication skills and exploring strategies to confidently and effectively manage change. Providing tools such as building effective relationships with key stakeholders, and being able to make fair and rational decisions all while building teams and upholding the standards for workplace culture.

Financial Management I: Strategy, Statements & Budgets for Municipal Managers

This module is designed to improve municipal administrators' skills in reviewing financial statements and indicators, developing a long-term financial plan, and preparing operating and capital budgets.

Financial Management II: Policies, Processes and Control Systems for Managers

This module is designed to help you improve your skills in designing and implementing control systems, and administrative policies and procedures. This module covers how to communicate financial information to councils and negotiate contracts.

Financial Management III: Financial Management for Elected Officials

This module is designed to help you improve your skills in budget review, financial decisions, and communication about financial matters. It will build your awareness and understanding of priority-setting, and making financial decisions, among other skills. It is our hope that your confidence increases in performing council duties related to budget and finance such as:

  • setting budget priorities
  • establishing or revising the taxation structure
  • communicating financial conditions to the public
  • identifying issues in financial statements and reports
  • monitoring and implementation of the budget

For more information about these modules, please email Rebecca Kolstee atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.