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pdf County of Kings Chief Administrative Officer ( pdf, 524 KB )
pdf County of Kings Supervisor of Public Works ( pdf, 397 KB )
pdf District of Chester Public Works Labourer ( pdf, 412 KB )
pdf District of Chester Strategic Initiatives Coordinator ( pdf, 642 KB )
pdf District of East Hants Communications Specialist ( pdf, 390 KB )
pdf District of Shelburne Accountant ( pdf, 69 KB )
pdf District of Shelburne Finance Clerk ( pdf, 67 KB )
pdf District of West Hants Casual Admin Planning ( pdf, 616 KB )
pdf District of West Hants Planner ( pdf, 338 KB )
pdf Richmond County Chief Administrative Officer ( pdf, 164 KB )
pdf Town of Bridgewater Chief Administrative Officer ( pdf, 1.97 MB )
pdf Town of Lunenburg Deputy CAO ( pdf, 696 KB )
pdf Town of Truro HR Payroll Clerk ( pdf, 215 KB )
pdf Village of New Minas Clerk/Treasurer ( pdf, 16 KB )
pdf WREN Executive Assistant ( pdf, 345 KB )