Pre-Conference Webinar: Using Plain Language in Municipal Communications

Thursday June 3, 2021 @ 9:30 am -11:30 am

Municipalities have a responsibility to provide clear communication that the public can understand and use. Plain language is becoming accepted as the best practice for all government communication. By reducing jargon, simplifying sentence structure, and choosing easier words whenever possible, important information becomes clearer for everyone, particularly for those whose first language is not English and for those living with disabilities. Plain language takes practice and careful self-editing, but it pays off.

This two hour Webinar focus on:

  • Planning your communication strategy, so it is as inclusive as possible.
  • Why words matter, and why certain choices can help everyone.
  • Tips on how to produce clear and plain language, to make text content more accessible for everyone.
  • Tips on the layout, and presentation, of textual content on websites, in documents, infographics, etc.

No technical expertise is required, just an interest in the subject.

Facilitator: Lisa Snider, Senior Digital Accessibility Consultant & Trainer, Access Changes Everything Inc  


Cost: Individuals who are registered for the conference will receive a 30% reduction in the workshop cost: $70.00. $100 for non-conference delegates

Registration: To register for the webinar please complete our Pre-Conference Webinar: Using Plain Language in Municipal Communications.