Did you know, 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental illness this year?

Employers can help build a healthy environment that promotes good mental health in the workplace. Over 70% of disability costs are attributed to mental illness, so building a productive work environment can impact the bottom line. Good health is not possible without good mental health; take some time to review the available health resources to support your employees today.

The Working Mind: Workplace Mental Health and Wellness

Mental Health is a key issue in workplace wellness.  The importance of focusing on mental health in a well-run workplace wellness program has been a key topic of the AMA/UNSM Wellness Program.

The Goals of the program are:

  • To support the mental health and well-being of employees
  • To enable the full productivity of employees
  • To ensure the workplace is respectful and inclusive of all employees, including those with mental health problems and mental illnesses
  • To encourage employees to seek help for mental health problems and mental illnesses

The session is designed to be engaging and interactive.

Who Should Attend?

Sessions are designed for either employees or managers.

  • The managers/supervisors session (full day)
  • The employees /“frontline” staff (half day)

The manager and employee versions include:

  • A focus on dispelling the myths of mental health problems and mental illnesses, aiming to reduce associated stigma
  • An overview of the Mental Health Continuum Model
  • The Mental Health Continuum Model categorizes one’s mental health within a continuum: green (healthy), yellow (reacting), orange (injured), and red (ill). It also allows individuals to identify indicators of declining or poor mental health in themselves and others (without diagnostic labels and their associated stigma.
  • Self-assessment of one’s own mental health along the continuum
  • Strategies one can apply at each point along the continuum

The managers’ version includes additional course content, such as:

  • Workplace accommodations and return to work
  • How to observe changes in employees along the continuum
  • Appropriate actions to take
  • How to communicate with employees about mental health illness in a workplace context

The required number of participants is 15-24. If you have a small municipality, Rebecca would work with you to coordinate a session with other municipalities to bring the numbers up.

There is a registration cost associated with offering these sessions.

If your municipality is interested in offering the program please contact Rebecca Kolstee, AMA Municipal Wellness Coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 902-240-1857.